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Transcription has become a key component of business success across a wide variety of industries and professions. Transcription is the process of converting audio files into text files. It reduces the risk of mistakes, miscommunications and provides a ready reference to validate important decisions.

Our virtual assistants are highly experienced; not only are they qualified transcribers but they have Worked as Quality Assurance Trans-editors as well. Thus, you can expect minimum 2-tier QA procedure on every transcribed file prior to submission.

Our transcribers are hired based on the following criteria:

  • Proficiency level in English; both written and spoken
  • Proficiency level in a specific industry; we have transcribers who are graduates of pre- law and pre- med courses
  • Resourceful; they will conduct research if and when it is necessary
  • Highly organized; they understand the value of efficiency in order to save time

Effective transcription means accurate work and timely submissions. Our transcribers can guarantee delivery of work on or before your required Turnaround Time (TAT) without compromising quality and accuracy.

When it comes to transcribing audio, there are several very important skills you have to look out for. Not only do the transcribers have to be proficient in English, but they also have to be able to understand different accents and dialects.

Both native and non-native English speaking people from all over the world speak with different accents. And sometimes that can be quite difficult to understand. Especially if there is a mix of accents from different people in the same audio recording.

But accents are not the only issue. Different industries have different common terms and acronyms that are difficult to understand in context. A transcriber really has to be familiar with an industry.

All this means that you have to be able to rely on your transcription assistants to always perform at the highest standards of quality and accuracy. You simply cannot leave things to chance.

By teaming up with our virtual assistants you can rest assured that you will be working with people that are highly qualified and experienced.

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