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Which countries are the virtual assistants from?

We hire staff from many different countries such as the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Germany, and Romania, depending on the skill set the clients require. The majority of our staff are based in the Philippines as this is our country of choice due to culture similarities, education levels and similar time zones.

We only hire university educated employees to ensure we supply only the best and most qualified staff for your company.

What is the cost?

Our general VA’s start at $7 AU per hour including GST but can vary depending on the specific skill set required.

What is the minimum hours per week?

You can use your virtual assistant for a minimum of 10 hours per week up to 40 hours per week.

Is there a minimum term?

For our clients using our home based staff, no termination period is required. Clients using staff located in our offices, up to 30 days notice may be required.

How do we communicate with our outsourced employee?

You can communicate by Skype video, Skype instant message, email or telephone.

How do we know they are actually working?

We run specific tracking software on each virtual assistant’s computer which enables us to track keyboard strokes, mouse clicks, and record screen shots.

Can they make and receive phone calls?

Yes most definitely. Your remote team member can be set up to answer all inbound calls to your business as well as making outbound sales calls.

What about security and confidentiality?

Most clients are using cloud based systems so that no data actually leaves your office. You can control what your virtual staff member has access to.

All USB ports are disabled and we can restrict the use of non essential websites.

A Confidentiality Agreement is signed by every one of our employees.

You can have the actual staff member (IT technicians, real estate VA’s accountants, bookkeepers) sign a confidentiality agreement direct with your company if required.

We comply with the Australian privacy laws.

The possibility of a breach of security is as unlikely in the Philippines as it is here in Australia.

Where is your office located?

Our main office is located at the Philexcel Business Park, M.A Roxas Highway, Clark, Philippines.

How do we pay for your services?

You can pay us directly through EFT into our Australian Bank account or by credit card. Invoices are billed monthly in advance.

How soon can we start?

As our services are tailored to each clients needs, depending on your requirements and staff availability, we can generally have your outsourced worker ready with in 5 – 10 business days.

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