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E-Mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing remains the most powerful online marketing tool. Why? Because your content gets delivered exactly where you want, the Inbox! And you can make sure that it arrives there at a specific time.

How valuable is e-mail marketing? Well ask yourself how often you check your e-mail within the day. On the average, people check their e-mail 5 times a day. That’s 5 opportunities every single day for your marketing content to be found, clicked upon and read.

But e-mail marketing isn’t simply a matter of sending communication to a list of contacts. It requires strategy and purpose, 2 components which our virtual assistants are very familiar with.

They are familiar with the basic guidelines of creating e-mail marketing content and are experienced with the best e-mail delivery systems like MailChimp, InfusionSoft and Campaign Monitor.

If you have other e-mail marketing programs in mind, you can rest assured our VA’s will be familiar with them as well. At the very least, they can learn the system very fast.
Our virtual assistants also acknowledge the importance of managing the list of leads for the e-mail marketing campaign. They will take great effort in preparing customized e-mail content to get the prospects interested.

The first thing you would do is work with your email marketing VA and come up with a plan for content and timing of the email campaign. Your VA will then work on creating the emails with relevant content, presented in a very readable and user friendly way.

There are certain things that work well and not so well from an email campaign perspective. Our VAs know exactly how to set them up to ensure that you maximise readership and get them to take action.

The entire content and targeting can be taken care of so that all you need to do is review what content will be sent out. Once the campaign then starts, open rates and responses will be monitored and analysed.

This data can then be used to better optimise the campaign to make it even more efficient and responsive. These are all tasks that require experience in running campaigns like this. If that is not something you are experienced in then it is best to outsource it to virtual assistants.

You will take a hands-off approach and see regular reports about how the campaign is working and what improvements are being made.

Just pick up the phone and talk to us today to see how well this can work for you. It’s a simple solution with a great return on investment.

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