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Article Writing

Article Writing is one of the most important components of the content marketing process.

People spend 23% of their time reading online content from blogs and social media. A well written article that is fresh, unique, relevant, usable and engaging enough to compel a reader to action, will help generate more interest for your business.

When writing articles for online publication and distribution, it is not enough to simply have the ability to write well. It must address the concerns, needs and interests of your target market. In order to provide actionable solutions, it should present accurately researched facts and figures.

Most of all, it must be found. An effective article should be integrated with the correct keywords. Without popular keywords, it cannot be found and indexed by search engine web crawlers and move up the Search rankings.

We have virtual assistants who are qualified to craft effective articles for your business. They are highly proficient in written and spoken English. They can research the best keywords for your industry and they know how to use them without compromising content.

Our virtual assistants are not just excellent writers; they are accurate when it comes to research and are consistent in delivering quality content on time.

Our VAs can do the research and analysis on specific reports or publications. This research can then be compiled into a very readable and informative articles that you can share through all of your online resources, including website, social media and newsletters.

What could take up several hours of your time for each article can easily and affordably be outsourced to virtual assistants.

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