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Anyone that has spent time in real estate business knows how much administrative work has to be done. You will be very aware of the many tasks that you hate doing. But if they don’t get done your business will suffer. These tasks are usually ones that don’t bring in the money. At the same time, they are vital to the smooth operation of your business.

In so many cases, you will notice that the way you deal with such tasks will very much reflect on how your clients and vendors will perceive you. When you outsource some or all of these tasks to a real estate virtual assistant, then you free up a lot of time that you can spend on actively growing your business.

Ask yourself this:

Will you bring in more revenue by spending time updating your social media and managing your busy calendar or spending more time talking with prospective clients? The more admin type tasks you can find to outsource the more productive you will become.

Keep reading to find out exactly how much time you could be saving.

Any real estate business will face a huge amount of regular tasks that are not dollar productive. They are tasks that have to be done. And more than likely you generally don’t look forward to doing them.

That is exactly where the help of virtual staff can take over and free up your time. And the less time you spend on non-income producing tasks, the more you can spend on growing your business and increasing your revenue.

So, what exactly will your personal VA be able to help with:

Administrative Tasks

Every business, small and large, will be constantly dealing with administrative tasks. They are vital to the daily operation, and when they fall behind schedule, you will struggle to keep things running smoothly.

Here are just a few tasks that are ideal to hand over to a VA.

Bookkeeping and Payroll: These two tasks should always be kept up to date. However, it isn’t common for real estate agencies to have in-house finance related staff. This makes it ideal work to hand over to a reliable part time assistant.

Manage Appointments and Schedules: Have you ever looked at your calendar and wondered how you are going to get through the day? Have you accidentally double booked an important client? Why not take the worry out of managing your appointments and look forward to a clean and consistent calendar? You can even have a daily summary of important tasks.

Book Photographers: When you sign a new property, one of the first tasks is often to get professional photos taken. But this often involves finding a time that suits the photographer and the client, and can take several phone calls. Making such arrangements is an ideal task to outsource to your VA.

Secretarial Services: You might not have enough work to hire a full-time secretary. But when you spend your own time doing things like word processing and document formatting, you end up taking a lot of time away from actually dealing with clients. The solution is to hire a virtual secretary.

Manage Email Inboxes: Email has become the most common way to communicate with remote staff, clients and vendors. But you can often find your inbox so full every morning that it takes you hours to deal with. Why not hire someone that can answer common questions for you. The same VA can also highlight urgent emails that require immediate attention.


This is a vital part of business to make sure that you maintain a steady stream of clients and create your own brand. Here are some common tasks that you shouldn’t be trying to solve yourself. If you’d like to outsource marketing then take a look at these tasks:

Social Media: Keeping your business’s Facebook and Twitter feed up to date with general info and listings is a very important task. But it shouldn’t be something you spend your time on, and is ideal to pass on to a social media assistant.

Manage Lead Generation: Finding new clients and business opportunities starts with prospecting. However, you should spend your time dealing directly with prospective clients. Your virtual office assistant can help by following prospecting instructions and doing the necessary research for you.

Search Engine Optimization: When people find your website easier in search engines then you will end up with a lot warmer clients making contact. Generally, these people are actively looking for your services. And with some website optimization techniques you can make vast improvements.

Outbound Calls: It often takes several contacts with a prospect, between the initial cold email and the final deal being made. Some of those involve a simple and friendly follow up call that you can have your VA do.

Email Marketing: Running regular email campaigns to your clients is a great way to keep repeat business coming in. With a carefully planned and executed email campaign, you can reach many people that have already been in contact with you.

Creative And Online Content

There are several ways that you will be presenting real estate listings to clients. None of these should be your primary focus, but chances are that you won’t want to hire someone full time to take care of them.

Here are some things that VAs will be able to help with:

Web Design: Keeping your website fresh and nicely presented is very important these days. By using outsourced VAs, you can significantly reduce your web design costs while still having a great looking website.

Content Creation: Make sure you keep your online content fresh with new posts on a regular basis. Your virtual personal assistant can help to source or create content and then post it to your website to attract more viewers.

Create Online Listings: The properties you are trying to sell will generally be listed on your website and on other real estate web portals. Creating those listings is very time consuming. If you have a certain template you follow, then such tasks are ideal to hand over to your VA.

Graphic Design for Brochures: Hiring professional graphic designers and illustrators can become very costly. For large deals, this can easily be absorbed by the budget, but for smaller deals, it can eat into your profits.

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